Gisele Is Porter Magazine’s Inaugural Covergirl!


Perfectly timed to hit newsstands as New York Fashion Week unfolds, Porter Magazine makes its global debut today with, who else, but Supermodel Giselle Bündchen on the cover. Smart choice from the amazing crew at  Net-A-Porter. It’s going to be a fascinating and, no doubt, successful foray into the exceedingly competitive world of  publishing.

Designed as a bi-monthly, online e-tailer Net-A-Porter has done a lot of homework concerning what readers (and luxury consumers) like you and I want. Since most women still prefer to read about fashion on glossy pages, even though they shop online, this seemed like a natural next step to expand their fashion footprint. The mag will be heavy on editorial, direct consumers to their site but also to other retail sites and brands. That seems fair enough.

Naturally, there’s also a digital version which debuts on February 14th. That’s a fashion valentine in my book (is that why Giselle is wearing red on the cover?), but, I can’t wait. I’m definitely making my way to a newsstand today. If you’re in NYC, rumor has it that the Hudson Newsstand in Grand Central Station is going to be “encircled” in Porter magazines. It’s pricey but I suspect it’s going to be a guilty pleasure at $9.99 for a copy, at the newsstand, or $48 for an annual subscription and app.

Blurred lines. You know you want it!


NJ Goldston, The Brunette