Amazing Giveaway: Guess The Designer For A Chance To Win Up To £500 At Farfetch


Are you a fashion expert or a fashion failure?  Find out once and for all if you are. For a chance to win up to £500 (which is over $500 dollars with the current exchange rates) at everyone’s favorite online retailer, Farfetch!

Since we’re a pretty competitive lot at The Blonde & The Brunette,  we encourage you to take the challenge and hope you win. Here’s how it works. It’s an interactive quiz which asks you a series of questions; you have to hover over an image to reveal the designer product in which you have to then quickly (and we mean quickly as time runs out fast) to guess who the designer is. It’s honestly a really fun challenge and the fashion experts that come out top in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place could win £500, £300 or £200 voucher to spend at Farfetch. 300 Boutiques. 1 Address. Oh, the fashion choices if you win, and hint hint, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Think sexy lingerie. On your mark, get set, go and don’t forget to like our post. It just might help.


NJ Goldston, The Brunette