Psycho Bunny

Yup. For men and now they make polo shirts for the ladies as well.  So this post is for everyone because they also ship worldwide.  I love their dark, disturbed “Bunny” who is literally “Psycho” on the polos, the men’s socks, the ties and much, much more.   The quality of their t’s is particularly sweet with pima cotton (from Peru) signature trim and a super comfortable fit.  They’ve set a benchmark in quality by starting to become an essential part of  Hollywood celebrity wardrobes and a surprise hit for the ladies.  Polo’s range from about $57-$85 and the socks, which are available in scads of colors, are $30.  This is a great gift item or save it for the holidays.  Go crazy and be a Psycho Bunny.

– NJ, The Brunette