Spice Up That Bottle

Next time you’re heading over to a friend’s for a dinner party, how about a little something extra than just that “usual” bottle of wine as a thank you gift.  Here are a couple of my favorite ideas that will definitely have them inviting you back for years to come!

Raise the bar on the usual “chocolate & wine” duo with a Chocri Organic Customized Chocolate Bar (from $6.00)

Start by picking your base (dark, milk or white Belgium chocolate) then continue to choose from their 100+ variety of toppings. Everything from dried fruit, to jalapenos, to nuts and even real gold flakes.

If your like me and decision making is a tough process, you can also choose from their assortment of Chocri’s “favorite” recipes.



Next idea to help spruce up that bottle of wine are these erasable bottle stoppers by Placetile.

Inscribe for whom the bottle is a gift to, and let your recipient enjoy it for years to come. Perfect to scribble down the date the bottle was opened, description of the wine, or simply just a fun note!

placetile.com ($13 for set of 3)

Xx. Jadan