Stay Chic With Diptyque As You Take On LA Traffic

Why shouldn’t the long hours lost on LA traffic not be pleasurable? Diptyque is aiding in that change, with their release of Un Air De Diptyque, the first-ever luxury car diffuser. It’s chic, easily affixes to your car’s air vent and releases fragrance through perfume-concentrated beads. Stylish car owners can choose from six of Diptyque’s cult-classic scents: ambre, baies, figuier, roses, fleur, d’oranger, gingembre, and 34. It’s the only thing that will make your drive to work feel more like you’re chilling out in Beyonce’s dressing room. Don’t let the stale stigma of pine trees haunt you any longer, Diptyque diffusers cost $60 and last three months after opening.

 Shop your favorite scents below and switch them out with the seasons.


Jadan Huter