The Minimal Effect: Wardrobe Edition

We’re assuming you’ve heard of Project 333, the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. If you haven’t, we assume you’ve been living under a rock. Take a moment to get aquainted with the project HERE, and then hop on board with us. We’re saying, no prints, no patterns no problem. Some might refer to minimalism as boring, but upon close examination, there’s actually a whole world of details to discover. From clever cuts, to lovely lines and one of a kind construction, minimal fashion doesn’t give it all away so easily, which makes it all the more intriguing. This past year, I’ve made a big effort to buy smart instead of buying on impulse. Instead of buying a few pieces here and there, from a few average retailers, I save up to purchase one piece from a very reputable brand that I know will still be in style years from now. I guess that means I’m on the way to creating my own so called “capsule wardrobe.” A capsule wardrobe is a small number of items that match your lifestyle and personality, and are meant to be interchangeable. These days, it’s all about quality over quantity, and believe it or not, this new way of life has actually helped me SAVE money even though I’m buying more expensive pieces. Many people think this is a trend, but others are claiming it’s more of a generational shift based on current values. The resurgence of ’90s-inspired shapes and brands such as Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger as well as newcomers with the same idea have made this easy. Fun Fact: In the 1930’s, the average woman only had 36 pieces of clothes in her closet. Today, the average consumer has 120 items of clothing, but 80% go unworn. Can you imagine having a mere 36 pieces in your closet to choose from? It sure would make getting dressed a whole lot easier. We’re not asking you do anything drastic, but we are inspiring you to start shopping smart.


Jadan Huter