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Hollywood’s Favorite Little Secret to Clear Skin


We’ve got a new beauty find. Ever wonder why so many Hollywood actresses have beautiful skin? They exfoliate. OK. They exfoliate the right way and often on set before shooting a scene. One of our favorite celebs (who wants to remain anonymous) clued us in on GlamGlow and we tried it.

But first, how do you know if you need it? When you look in the mirror does your skin look dull? If the answer is yes,  it’s usually due to the build-up of dead skin cells. The best way to remove these unsightly cells that block your skin’s radiance is to exfoliate – regularly.

The trick is rather than exfoliating with an exfoliating pad that can scratch or damage skin, GlamGlow offers a mud mask formulated with minerals, sea clay, volcanic ash, botanicals, herb extracts and skin-nourishing antioxidants from the South of France to gently remove dead skin cells while deeply nourishing skin. The pics don’t make it that glamorous but the results are.  Seriously, you’ll probably want to do this privately.

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On The Road To The Emmys


Since 1948, The Emmy Awards have captured television fans in the United States.  There just around the corner again and of course, we’ll be focusing on the fashion parade, but living in LA, we actually like to focus on the work! Celebrating the artistry of both daytime and evening television, the Television Academy seeks to honor the hard work and amazing numbers these shows put up each week.  With television series staying on the air for fewer and fewer seasons, this accomplishment is no easy feat.

This is also the second year in the history of the awards that online-only programming (think Hulu and Netflix original series) have been both considered and nominated for the awards.  This has also really changed the landscape of not only awards shows, but also entertainment.

With the Netflix original series “House of Cards” having various roles both behind and in front of the camera being nominated in 2013, 2014 opened the door for even more of these nominations.  Another Netflix original series “Orange Is The New Black” gained an amazing amount of attention this year and it seems as if the standard is now set – online only series are viable, respected bodies of work with A-List actors and directors helming series . In fact, they’ve become must-see office fodder and binge-watching champs.

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“Time” For A New Book


With a good book in hand, who needs the time? Well, now you can have both!

With bookstores becoming extinct, and Kindle taking over, Vintage Book Clocks have created a way to keep our beloved pages timeless.  They do so by transforming dusty old books into modern timepieces that give aging books a new lease on life.Reading is by far my favorite summer hobby. Lying by the pool with a nice cold lemonade, and in a simple turn of a page, you can be whisked off to a far away world of adventure, romance, and drama. It’s an inexpensive way to travel the world. It gives you the possibility to step out of your own shoes for a moment, and see what it might be like to put on someone else’s. With such a strong passion for reading, I was instantly drawn to Los Angeles based company Vintage Book Clocks when I discovered them at last weeks Fairfax Flea Market.

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Try A Digital Detox


I’m on vacation but I didn’t expect that somewhere in America I’d actually have to go through a “digital detox” while trying to relax. Think again. Just past Woodstock, Vermont in a small area called Barnard, there are NO cell towers . Aaawh!!!! It’s a throw back and I have to admit, I didn’t initially handle it well until I realized others are taking a digital holiday. So I gave into the limitations and actually told people I was on vacation. Viola! The emails slowed down and everyone understood. You might just want to try it.

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LA FINDS: Movie in the… Cemetery?


Yepp, you read that right. Here is LA there are some pretty corky things to do, one of them being the movies in the cemetery. Uh huh, The Hollywood Forever Cemetery puts on a movie every Saturday night during the summer, and boy does it draw a crowd! They play everything from old Marilyn Monroe flicks to horror films, to everything in between. It’s a blast! You bring food and wine and create your own little picnic with friends and loved ones.

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Nail Art Freaks & San Francisco Peeps! : Top Coat Me


Want to totally up your nail art? After all staying fly isn’t easy but it is a whole lot of fun.  We’ve got a find—a new site that is quickly becoming a game changer.  Top It’s an e-destination that connects you with best nail artists in your area.

How It Works: Download the app and TopCoat links you to experts in your ‘hood, allowing you to filter by area, price, and design (so go for it!). Each artist has an online profile, where you can explore reviews, styles, and more. From there, you select your gal, book an appointment, agree upon a location, and pay via mobile — no cash needed. The nail equivalent of über.  For our lucky San Francisco peeps, the  service officially rolled out in the city by the Bay with LA, New York, Atlanta and Chicago about to enter the mix.



Top Coat Me is a free website & App that offers everything from weekly nail style advice, daily deals, awesome giveaways, as well as exclusive nail art events all over San Fransisco.

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The Espadrille Just Got A Facelift


 Espadrilles are the “I just got off a yacht in the south of France kind of vibe.” Naturally, I really like that kind of vibe.


We’ve all learned a thing or two about fashion thanks to everyones favorite, Audrey Hepburn. All those years ago, she was on to something when she kicked off her high heels in favor of espadrilles in the classic 1953 Roman Holiday. Since then, fashion icons such as Beyonce Knowles, Katy Perry, and even Kate Middleton have all been seen sporting a pair of espadrilles this past year. Once Chanel hopped on the band wagon with their signature espadrilles a few months back, (I am STILL lusting after them) many more designers have decided to take note!


Here are a few glamorous slip ons to add to your closet before summers over!


Xx. Jadan Huter

In Your Prime At Every Age


Primers are something that, in my makeup bag, have only become relevant over the last year. Before that, sadly enough, I didn’t have a clue as to what a primer was! Since discovering the Clinique Superprimer Face Primer Collection, I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin it would be a shame not to share!


So what does a primer do?

It helps by reduce the look of large pores, fills in fine lines, prevents foundation from looking cakey, evens out skin tones and makes your makeup last much longer throughout the day!


Wondering how to use it?

Apply a small dab after you apply your moisturizer. Spread evenly and pay close attention to your under eye area. Let the primer dry to a matte finish, and then apply your makeup as you normally would!

There are various primers available, but I’ve yet to find one I like better than Clinique’s New Five Shades of Superprimer Collection. Each shade fixes one of those beauty issues none of us usually talk about to treatvarious skin types. From redness, to dullness, to discolorations and sallowness, Clinique has a primer for everyone. It’s teh perfect addition to your makeup bag. We’re sure you’ll snag a few compliments about how great your skin looks. $27.00


Xx. Jadan Huter

A French Twist At The Altar


I have fallen in love. Funny enough, It’s not with a man, but instead with Parisian designer Laure de Sagazan. Her newest collection of bohemian wedding gowns are simply perfect especially since this is a trend we’ve noticed more and mor this wedding season. Her elegant dresses are accented to perfection with  delicate french lace, simple pearl buttons, and perfect pleats not to mention the beautiful silhouette they create.

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Pasta’s the new Pita!


It’s true! As crazy as it sounds, the new chip brand, Vintage Italia (the sister brand to the ever-so-yummy Brownie Brittle,) have created a new chip that is only 120 calories, 60% less fat, and made out of real pasta! …Watch out Pita Chips!

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